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Ugly slave

Friday,Feb 23, 2024
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 Ji Jinchuan looked up at her pale little face, thinking of Xiao Cheng's investigation information, and she and Gu Jinchen were lovers, the relationship between the two was good, because Gu Jinchen wanted to marry Shen Shuna, so they broke up. As for why Shen Shuna suddenly wanted to marry Shen Shuna, he did not let Xiao Cheng to investigate, but from a businessman's point of view, Gu Jinchen married Shen Shuna to get more benefits than to marry a Shen Yiran who was not welcomed by the Shen family. He does not deny that Gu Jinchen is an excellent person in the market, Gu Shi is flourishing in his hands, but his means are not ruthless enough. Ever since he entered the business world, he has believed that kindness to the enemy is cruelty to oneself. So in his work, he has always been decisive and never left any chance for the other side to breathe. After the meal, Ji Jinchuan went to the balcony to smoke, Shen Yiran cleaned up the bowls and chopsticks, took them into ... [More Information]
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